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Houston Criminal Lawyers

Our Mission...

When you are charged with a crime you need an experienced Criminal Lawyer that is serious about defending you or your loved one. DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!! Our Houston based Criminal Lawyers are experienced trial lawyers with a proven track record in defending innocent people charged with serious crimes. A lot of lawyers talk about what they can do until they get your money. If you are looking for a "plea lawyer," you may want to call someone else! If you are looking for a Criminal Lawyer to stand up for you and protect your guaranteed Constitutional Rights, then you have arrived at the right place.

Our lawyers have represented thousands of people charged with the most serious crimes ranging from Assault to Capital Murder. We have represented many high profile clients and have achieved successful results in cases that were thought to be impossible to defend. What makes our style unique and separates us from many other Criminal Lawyers is that we passionately care about our clients and take our responsibility as defenders of justice very seriously. Our dedication is to our clients ONLY and the ethical practice of law. Sometimes being the most popular and politically correct is not the way to achieve a desired result. We are Constitutional and Confrontational for all the right reasons.

When faced with Criminal charges you need outstanding representation. After all, a Criminal Conviction is life changing and permanent on your Criminal record. Even if you move to another State it will follow you. A Criminal Conviction can and most likely will prevent you from getting the job you want, it can ruin your credit, it can prevent your from buying a home or renting an apartment. There are many other consequences from having a Criminal conviction or your record.

Being arrested for a Criminal offense opens up a complex legal minefield that only an experienced Criminal Lawyer can navigate. Having a license to practice law is not enough. You need a lawyer with the know how to get the job done. Our responsibility to our client is always, if possible, to achieve a dismissal.

What many lawyers do not tell you is that Police Officers do not have the authority to indict or convict you of a crime, they can only arrest you. The District Attorneys Office is the sole charging authority and has the discretion to accept or dismiss your case. One specific tool that the District Attorneys Office uses in charging of Felony cases is the Grand Jury. Our experienced Criminal Lawyers know what steps to take in getting the Grand Jury your side of the story that may eventually get the case dismissed without you ever being officially charged.

Don't wait! Call or stop by our office TODAY for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced Criminal Lawyers. Once this is over you'll be glad you did. We handle ALL Misdemeanor and Felony cases.

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Do you need an experienced Criminal Lawyer that is serious about defending you or your loved one? Our Criminal Defense Lawyers have a proven track record. Call us today at 713-224-4444 for help!